Food & Drinks

Food, Drink & Catering

When you hire our venue you have complete freedom in your choice of décor, set up, entertainment, and of course importantly a fantastic choice of food and drink for your guests.

We do not insist that you must have set menus only, nor do we insist on our choice of wines.
In fact, we do not sell drinks ourselves and have NO corkage charges !

Our excellent caterers are available for you to book direct. We also have a fantastic bar service.

You chose

At the Haybarn we have a completely different approach to hotel venues and other barn wedding venues who impose their rather limited menu options at high prices.

We believe that you should have the freedom to customise your catering in every aspect.
Food and drink is an important part of your wedding.  Select from one of the dozen or more menu options offered by our caterer to suit your style, taste, and budget for your wedding breakfast or event.

Unlike Hotels and Halls your wedding breakfast or event catering can be served at a time to suit your day, and not the Hotels rigid timings.

Our Approved Caterer

Most all of our couples opt for informal meals or street food when booking an outdoor wedding in a tipi.  When couples book the barn, the preference tends to lean more towards a more formal approach to food, sometimes with full service.  The choice is yours.

Regardless of your preference, you have the opportunity to offer your guests a wide range of food by selecting one of many wedding breakfast options provided by our approved caterer “The Sticky Fig Catering co.

We have carefully selected a caterer that is very flexible, professional and excellent.  The Sticky Fig has endless beautiful & delicious meal options for you to chose from, with full menus for your wedding breakfast or event.

They can also customise your culinary needs to suit your ideas and any budget.
Vegan, Vegetarian etc..  How abut some street food?  with their gorgeous Air Stream Style Trailer. 
Why not have Pizzas, Hog roasts, BBQs and much more… If you prefer a formal sit down meal with service, our caterer will do it too !

When we meet you face to face for your viewing, we will hand over the latest menu options offered by our caterers. 
Take a look at our caterers blog and social media for inspirations:


Thumbnails on the left open into a gallery. (images supplied by the Sticky Fig Co.) –>

Still not convinced ? - Alternatives ? - Own Caterer ?

Services offered by our caterers can include full service, cutlery, tables, chairs, linen, coffee etc.. by request. (with barn events we include our own rectangle rustic tables and benches). If you prefer other options we can put you in touch with furniture rental companies.

If you prefer a caterer of your own choosing, this is fine too!
If  you chose your own caterer you will need to do all the research yourselves to be sure they offer a quality service and are fully equipped for mobile catering. We do not insist you opt for our caterers.  It is also worth mentioning that our caterers do not have any corking charges either if you ask them to serve the wine !

When you come over to view our venue for your event, we will go through the many options. 

Food for thought - Suggestions

There endless options available with our caterers, here are a few mouth-watering ideas:

How about Fish and Chips, Paella, Mezes, grazing menus, Burritos, Hog roasts, barbeques, tapas, pizzas, Caribbean food, Moroccan, Indian food, Latin Street food, traditional vintage afternoon teas, 3 course sit down meals, Cheese and wine..

The choice is yours.

Good caterers are in demand, and get booked long in advance, sometimes years ahead for weddings. We highly recommend looking at The Sticky Fig Catering Co’s menus soon after you book us, or alternatively that you look for your caterer soon after booking our venue for your wedding or event.
Although our caterer has the resources and is equipped to cater for a number of events at the same time, if our caterer is fully booked for the date you want, you will need to find your own caterer, so book early to avoid disappointment.

If you do opt for a caterer of your own, be sure that whoever you chose, they are professional, have a good track record, a good hygiene record. Why not ask for a sample tasting menu, as food is always going to be a talking point of your wedding with your guests.


Professional bar

Our bar service is provided by Bar 65 with their horse trailer or internal bar. Karen & Julian offer a high quality bar experience and a professional mobile bar service like no other, and at normal Pub prices. They do not have a minimum site charge, but will be wanting a minimum of 40 guest booking due to the cost and time needed to transport, prepare and set up the bar.

After having had seen and met many bar companies at the Haybarn, all previously booked by our couples directly, we cannot recommend Bar 65 enough, they go the extra mile, and will be fantastic with your guests. They will offer cocktails, and gins and advise. They can also organise Gin tasting events here at the Haybarn !

Our carefully selected bar service will have a wide choice of drinks, and all that is needed such as ice, lemon, etc.. Bar 65 offers a large range of fantastic Gins. Bar 65 can offer welcome reception drinks, tea, coffee, cocktails, local ales etc.. Bar 65 uses many local suppliers, and local produce
as much as possible. Please get in touch with them to discuss your specific requirements. 

Good bars get booked early!, and Bar 65 is no exception, they are highly in demand. If Bar 65 is not available we do have other carefully selected contacts for professional mobile bars. We are not licensed ourselves to sell drinks and do not have a permanent bar onsite.

D.I.Y & Self Service bar / Our policy

Supplying your own drinks and buying a barrel of ale from the local brewery may offer a limited choice for your guests and will require a lot of organising. You will need to source professional & licensed bar staff.  (We do not supply bar staff)
Will you have enough drink choices, Fridges, Ice, glasses, enough variety, clearing up glasses  etc..?  

Our  policy:  DIY bars will only be permitted at our venue for events with less than 50 guests and must be managed by a licensed professional bar tender (we will need to see their license before they can serve your drinks).  Last orders are 11:30 sharp, after 11:30pm all unsold stock is to be stored away and the bar is to close. 

Our additional involvement with DIY bars,checking licenses, extra rubbish collection, recycling etc.. will be charged at an extra £250 service to cover our time. 

Other licensed mobile bars available

If you prefer to commission your own licensed mobile bar supplier of you choice, you will find many mobile bar options with anything from  Cocktail bars, Gin bars, traditional bars and more. Mobile bars come in various styles, such as horse boxes, retro vans, vintage caravans, trailers, Gypsy caravans, indoor counter style bars etc…  When you source your own bar company, doo ask the right questions and check the bar’s service, prices, policy, drinks choice, and reputation before you book anything. 

Professional mobile bars or Bar tenders will take care of serving, and cleaning up empty bottles, provide clean glasses, ice, sliced fruit, cocktails, cleaning up, duty of care etc…

<–  We work with “The Horse Box Bar 65” as our preferred local supplier. (picture left)

No corkage charges

 You will have seen this charge at hotels or many other barn venues. This is when a venue imposes a fee for each bottle opened if you bring your own drinks to cover the lost revenue from not selling the drink to you in the first place.

Each bottle opened at such venues can be costly and quickly adds up to a tidy sum of money as corkage can cost anything from £5 to £10 per bottle of wine that is opened on site, more for Champagne or Prosecco. In some parts of England we have seen some places charge as much as £15 a bottle !  We have absolutely NO corkage charges on any drinks you bring to be served by a licensed bar tender or by our caterer during your wedding breakfast or meal. 

(check with any professional bar you hire what their policy is with drinks you or your guests bring).

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