Guest info - Parking - Opening Times - Dogs

Car parking - Daytime

Parking is available on front of the barn gravel car park (28 spaces) and on our grass overflow car park (35 more spaces, weather depending). CCTV cameras cover the Barns premises and grounds, so cars are secure. 
 Please note there is no car access or parking on the wedding field, this is a car free zone.  

Parking spaces are limited, we will ask you to park as tight as possible in a pattern to allow enough parking for the suppliers and all of the guests.

If the car park and overflow car parks are full there is some communal parking in the village, a few minutes walk.


Car parking - Overnight

Guests & Suppliers are not permitted to stay overnight in the car park (in cars, camper vans, caravans, vans, etc).  Dogs and other animals are not permitted to be kept in any owners vehicles during the day or night.

As you will not be permitted to stay overnight in your vehicle, do not drink & drive, please book a taxi or arrange for a lift – This is a NO alcohol venue.

If you have left your car parked overnight your car will need to be removed before 10am the next day. Parking charges of £6 will apply to any cars left after 10am.

Gates are locked at 12:00pm (midnight), until 8am.



You will be greeted by our team of wedding coordinators who will direct you.

For guests arriving early, please note that most parts of the venue and the bar will remain shut, until the couple’s arrival or until we open for the event. 


Dogs / Pets

Dogs and other animals are not permitted anywhere at the venue, nor can they be kept in owners vehicles during the day/night. 
Arrangements for a local  dog-sitting service is advised.

Closing time & Restrictions

– Last drinks at the bar 11:30
– Closing time for the barn, tipi & marquee weddings is midnight.

We kindly ask all non staying guests to vacate at the agreed time.
Our parking area and all  entrance gates are locked at 12:00pm (midnight),
and not re-opening until 8:00am the next day.  If you leave your car overnight,
we kindly ask for all cars to be collected no later than 10:00am the next day
and to leave a note on the dashboard.

If you are staying at local accommodations, pre-booking your taxi early or even days
before is a must as taxis are scarce. Taxis can pick you up either from the main
entrance gate or main gravel parking on front of the barn. 

 Also please be aware that we do not allow overnight stays in any vehicle.
All gates will be locked.
Only the Glamping & camping guests are allowed to stay.
Campervans and Motorhomes are not permitted onsite.

Accommodation restrictions: 
If you are staying in one of our accommodations, please do not invite new or
additional guests back to your accommodation or any overnight guest areas.
Only guests that have been pre-booked with our couple can stay.

Additional Information: 

  • Confetti – Only real petal confetti are permitted 

  • The conditions of the venue hire for the Bride & Groom clearly state that any loss or damage
    to guests property, or damage to the Barns property, is the responsibility of the hirer, so
    please be responsible for your own property and the Barns property and take care of any
    valuables during your visit to us.  Please do not willfully damage the barns or grounds during your visit.
     Valuables belonging to the Bride and Groom will be held in a secure safe room prior to collection.

  • If we find any personal belongings, we keep safe at the Barn and will usually give to the Bride
    & Groom the following day for safe-keeping.  If you have lost anything, please contact us by
    email or please contact the Bride & Groom direct.

  • If you are bringing young children to the venue, please be aware that we do have a brook
    so please ensure that children stay in the main wedding field lawn area, 
    or that you attend to them at all times to ensure their safety.

    Enjoy your day and evening with us at the Haybarns.   We want you to have fun and to get home safely!