Haybarn Wedding Venue

Bell Tents


We have a number of beautiful bell tents we can position for you in our glamping section of our venue.  Depending on your guests numbers we include 2, 3 or  4x Bell tents in your price when you book a Festival Wedding  (Saturday night stay).

Where included you will get:
up to 4 x Large 5 meter Bell tents which can be configured empty, or we can set up Futon Beds for you with 2, 3 or 4 futon beds.

Optionally  you can add two more Bell Tents ! (please see price list)
– 1x Jumbo 6 meter Bell. Can be configured empty, or with 2, 3 or 4 futon beds
– 1x  Large 5 meter Bell . Available either empty, or with 2,3 or 4 single futon beds.

Total possible maximum Bell tent accommodation =  24~26 bell tent guests.
We have up to 24 futons (to fit 2 more guests to make 26,  You will need the Jumbo Bell Tent and 2 guests will need to bring their own mats)

The Bell Tents will all be pre-erected for you, ready with beds if requested, and fully decorated with rugs, mats, and butings .

* Please note the image on the left shows a bell tent on our site we had 2 years ago. The new ones are of a similar design and same colour.


In this example we have set up a 5 meter tent with 2 single folding Futons (doubles up as a seat) and  a double futon for 4 people.
The Jumbo Bell tent can fit up to 6 people maximum. Ideal for a family or a group of friends to share. (we have 4 beds, and you can bring 2 more mats)

Furnished in a bohemian, shabby chic style, the bell tents will be filled with colorful rugs, floor mats,  buntings etc..
There will be a some tents equipped with a Kettle and some complimentary tea & coffe.

We can configure the Bell tent bed numbers to suit your needs.


* Please note the photo on the right shows our old Bell tent no longer in use.
The interior of our new tents will be similar.

In the glamping area you will find a couple of fire pits / barbecues, and outdoor picnic bench and table. There are showers onsite and a sink with cold water for washing up a few dished or cups.

The Bell tents are positioned on the edge of the wedding field and are for the exclusive use of the party. (wedding / retreats or corporate hire).
This is a private campsite, no members of the public other than the party / event guests & staff will be on site.

(please note that this is camping,  we do not provide a duvet or pillows, guests will need to bring their own bed sheets / Sleeping bag and pillow covers etc..)


  • Up to 4x Large 5 meter Bell Tents are included when you book a Festival week end wedding or with a Yoga Retreat. 
    More can be added at a small optional extra cost.

If you are booking us for corporate hire or other events and wish to stay in a bell tent please contact us for prices via our contact form

 1 x Additional LARGE 5 meter Bell tent erected and set:
– Set empty (for a changing room, storage or for 2 guest with own beds) £85
–  With 2 x Single Futon beds (2 guests) £110
–  With 3 x Single Futon beds (3 guests) £140
–  With 4 x Single Futon beds (4 guests) £170  

1 x Additional JUMBO 6 meter Bell tent erected and set up:
– Set up empty to use as storage or changing room (no guests) £110
– With either 2 x Single Futon, or,   1x double Futon beds (2 guests) £150
– With 1x single Futon + 1x double futon bed (3 guests) £180
– With 2x Single Futon + 1x double futon bed (4 guests) £210



Note to our existing bookings / weddings taking place in 2020 / 2021.
Our two Yurts previously seen are no longer available as we have discontinued them.
They are being replaced by the same size Bell tents, with very similar look / layout.
We have increased our accommodation numbers by demand, and will position everyone in the same area by the pods.
We are also going to increase the size of the space available by the pods to accommodate the new bell tents.
The decking areas where the yurts sat will be used for ceremonies or seating, or for you to use as you wish.