Weekday or Weekend wedding?

Are you thinking about a weekday wedding?

Weddings days where traditionally most popular on weekends, in particular a Saturday. The demand is still very much the strongest for a Saturday wedding. It is however a fact that more and more people are choosing to get married on a weekday . Weekday weddings are indeed becoming quite popular !
Here are some very good and interesting reasons for you to consider a weekday wedding:

Weekday weddings are easier on the pocket

It’s kind on your budget (and you can get the venue you want)

Like many business, the wedding industry works on a supply and demand basis. As a Saturday is by far the most popular day to get married, it is also the most expensive day at most venues. At the Haybarn we receive bookings and enquiries for Saturday weddings often two  years ahead.
If you are willing to consider a weekday wedding, you will not only have a much greater choice of dates, but also save money compared to a wedding on a Saturday as our mid week rates are extremely favourable.

It is easier getting the suppliers you want

As well as having a greater chance of getting the wedding venue you want, you also have a much greater chance of booking  the wedding suppliers you want. Booking the right photographer, florist, caterer etc is also very important to the success of your big day.  By having a weekday wedding, you will find it much easier to book the wedding suppliers you want. Often suppliers also offer lower rates themselves too for weekday wedding. Again potentially saving you money

A wider choice for choosing a meaningful date

A  weekday wedding gives you the possibility to chose a special meaningful date which falls in the week.  For example a symbolic day  such as when you first met, valentine’s day, a saint day, a birthday etc… It could also be something more practical if you’ve got lots of guests who work at week ends will find it much easier to get a day off midweek.

It’s a subtle way of keeping the guest numbers down

The vast majority of people work Monday to Friday, therefore weddings on a Saturday are always much easier to attend. If you have a large family but a smaller budget, it can be tough to whittle your invitation list down to a manageable size.  Opting for a weekday wedding could solve some problems as there will be a significant amount of people who will almost certainly not be able to make it. Meaning you don’t have to make those tough decisions.

It’s your special day!

Regardless of whether you get married on a Saturday or another day, it’s your wedding day! And that means it’s a special and unique occasion with the one you love, surrounded by all those who love and support you.