Music / Entertainment

The Haybarn is a DIY customisable wedding venue, the same applies to the entertainment, which plays an important part of your wedding. We do not believe that this part should be dictated by the venue as to which DJ or entertainment you can or cannot have. Many traditional hotel venues will often have their recommended DJs they will ask you to use. This limits your choice of music, and entertainment style.

You chose

Chose what sort of entertainment you wish to have to suit your taste, style and budget. Be it a folk band, a DJ, or a show, or even a silent Disco!. We have seen Jazz bands, acoustic instruments, quartets, street entertainers, magicians and more.

Create a great atmosphere

A wedding is a social event attracting various age groups, friends and members of family you may not have seen in a long time. Creating a great atmosphere is important. Do talk to various DJs and get a feel for what they do and make sure they can create a great party atmosphere and get people dancing. 

A good tip

The key is to keep everyone close together and not to disperse people too much. Do bare in mind that when the DJ or band gets going, the noise levels will need to be considered. With weddings many people will be wanting to also enjoy a conversation without needing to shout, and more mature guests, young children and babies will enjoy quieter areas.

Our barn is fitted with a sound limiter set to 90db.

Chill out areas on the field can be created with a small structure and are always a good idea

Good to know

With a marquee wedding on the field there are many areas where guests can relax and find quieter spots. Do bare in mind though that spreading out your guests in multiple areas may not create the intimate party atmosphere you may otherwise wish for.

When you come over for the viewing we will discuss your ideas and can show you what works well and not so well.  

Music in the tips cannot be amplified. You can have acoustic bands, live instruments etc..
Amplified music will be in the barn.

Restrictions / Limitations

If you party is in the barn we do have a maximum permissible reasonable noise level which we are limited to by the council to 90db, music will go off at 11:50 and the barn will be locked at midnight.

Please note that we will conduct a sound level check for outdoor music. Outdoors the music will need to meet our noise restrictions, and is limited to acoustic instruments, not amplified.

In the Barn all amplified music will need to be turned off at the agreed time. It is not possible to extend the music time or sound level.