Haybarn Wedding Venue

Hiring a field

Hiring the Haybarn grounds for an event or wedding

The Haybarn is a fully setup outdoor space at Brook House Farm for outdoor events & festival weddings, also camping and glamping. Weddings are held on the camping field with is a well drained, prepared, manicured field ready to use.  When you hire our wedding field we include all the services needed with ample connection points to electricity, drinking water taps, toilets, showers and washing up areas for your camping guests, and refuse collection.  The set up makes it possible for your caterers to set up as it is easily accessible from the road. The field has a gated entrance, is completely enclosed, and has hard standing spaces for suppliers to load and unload etc..

The picture above shows our festival wedding field empty with the views of the hills.

You could alternatively hire a farmers field

You can of course make enquiries and hire a farmers field for your outdoor wedding , this will require more leg work and research. 
Here are some very good points to consider:

Farmers field will very rarely have any of the aforementioned facilities. Farmers do use their fields all year around for cropping, or for grazing animals. Farmers will need many months’ notice to prepare a field if this at all possible as a farmer’s crop will likely be more valuable than the fees he may charge for a wedding.

Farmers fields will likely have a lot of weeds, or thistles if used for grazing, maybe some mole hills too. If Livestock is present there will be a lot droppings.

Check if the field is drained well, flat, or accessible for your suppliers. Check with the marquee or Tipi supplier if they are be able to access and set up in the field ? Will it be flat enough ? , Can they get their trucks in without churning up the ground ?  Where will your guests park ? etc..

You will need to rent a big generator costing over £500 for a week end. This will be noisy, and pumping out diesel exhaust fumes the entire time.  Will you need to arrange for water for your guests ?  Will a 2.5ton trailer toilet supplier be able to access the field ? Trailer loos coast in excess of £550 for an event.