Guest arrival info

Car parking on site

Free parking is available near the barn which also services the wedding field if you have a festival field wedding.  Please note there is no parking on the wedding field as it is a car free zone.

Parking spaces are limited so please park as tight as possible to allow enough parking for everyone. If the car park is full there is some communal parking in the village, a few minutes walk.


For guests arriving early, please note that we do not have an open public bar or refreshment area.
We can recommend the village pub “the plough” which is a convenient short 5 minute walk away.

Closing time & Parking

Closing time for the barn and marquee weddings is midnight at  week ends and  11:00pm in the week. We kindly ask all non staying guests to vacate at the agreed time. Our parking area and all  entrance gates are locked at 12:00pm (midnight), and not re-opening until 8:00am the next day.  If you leave your car overnight, we kindly ask for all cars to be collected no later than 10:00am the next day.

If you are staying at local accommodations, pre-booking your taxi is a must as taxis are scarce. Taxis can pick you up either from the main entrance gate, main parking, or in the gate entrance of the wedding field. 

 Also please be aware that we do not allow overnight stays in your car, and all gates will be locked.  Only registered pre-booked  resident guests are allowed to stay in our accommodation.

Accommodation restrictions: 
If you are staying in one of our accommodations, please do not invite guests back to your accommodation or any overnight guest areas.