Guest Accommodation Prices

As of 2020, we no longer offer accommodation that is to be booked directly by your guests.

Since Jan 2020 our site accommodation is now only available as an “Accommodation Package” 
which you can book at the time of making the booking, or can be added on up to 2 weeks prior to your event.

The Accommodation Package includes:
– 2 Glamping timber pods,
– 4 Bell tents with 4 beds in each.
(you can also add up to 6 bell tents in total)
– An en-suite guest bedroom,
– Holiday cottage for the happy couple,
– 6 “bring your own” tent pitches for up to 12 guests.

When & how do I pay for accommodation

You can either book this at the time of making your booking with us, we will add this to your total hire costs. Where staged payments are offered this can be staged also.
You can alternatively add this “Accommodation Package” at a later date and pay at the time you add this on.
Terms and conditions apply.

Tent pitches

Some bookings will include up to 6 tent pitches (12 guests) in the site hire price.
The camping section is in a separate part of the wedding field, together with the Glamping section.

Depending on the booking or total number of overnight guests, we may be able to add more tent pitches. (Speak to us about this)