Exclusive use wedding venue

Whether you hire our wedding barn or festival wedding field for a marquee style wedding, our grounds are totally exclusive to you.

Exclusivity at the Haybarn means that you will not see another couple getting married the same day and worry about your timing to try and  avoid clashing with another couple arriving at the same time etc..

There will only be your guests on site and our team, no other event, wedding, or random strangers in the background of your photos. You are sure to enjoy your big day and make use of our 10 acre grounds without having to share the venue with another couple or with the general public.

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Some larger hotels venues often have another wedding the same day, and other weddings party’s guest stay on the same hotel floor or same floor. We have even seen some venues having the other bride and groom stay in the room next door!

We have heard stories of weddings in large venues where guests have wondered from one party to the other, eating the other couples buffet !  Although this sort of situation thankfully is not very common, however it can and does happen at some other venues.

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We do not offer the impersonal feel of a hotel

Traditional large hotel venues are opened to the general public, and  when it comes to weddings this is huge business for them, by maximising every booking possible in a year. Often hotels have a very impersonal wedding “conveyor belt” feel to them, usually operating a restaurant, gymnasium, or spa.
Some venues do indeed offer an exclusivity option too, but often is at an expensive cost option as these venues want to make up the lost revenue from a potential second wedding on the same day.

Limited availability

The Haybarn is a small family run business and the farmhouse is our home.  We have a very strong core principle on providing you a very personal experience.

Every wedding at our venue is unique.

We do limit the number of barn weddings in the year, and do not operate in winter months.
Festival weddings are limited to 5 to 7 each year only during summer mmonths (1st May until Mid September)  so be sure to book your date in soon!

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