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How to Transform your Wedding Venue 

How to Transform your Wedding Venue 

Whether you are someone who has already designed their perfect wedding and just needs help with finishing touches, or someone who is starting with a blank canvas and needs to find some inspiration, we have created the perfect list of wedding decoration ideas that will transform your space, along with adding a personal touch.

At haybarn our wedding venues provide endless opportunities for you to customise your wedding exactly how you envision it to be. Our outdoor wedding venue is the perfect place to let you ideas flow, you can be as laid back or as wild as you wish, as we guarantee that no two weddings are ever the same.

Whether it be flower arrangements, or fairy tale lights the hardest decision you will have to make is which of these amazing ideas you’d like at your wedding… or all of them.

Fairy light trees

A perfect way to add an extra bit of glamour to your day is by hiring LED cherry trees to be placed around the room, these trees are ideal for that winter wonderland themed wedding or a late evening reception that carries on through the night. These trees can also be the excellent idea to guide guests into the venue and create the desired atmosphere. Not only this, smaller LED trees can be used as centrepieces on the tables to tie the look together.

fairy lights

Flags/ Bunting

The outdoor wedding venue at Haybarn offers a fantastic location for a stunning marquee or tipi wedding. The outdoor D.I.Y festival style weddings provide a unique relaxed, informal feel where you can just let go. Therefore giant silk flags will not only add colour but will also flourish your space. To keep it personal you can get handmade one with your chosen design, or with lettering, and if you are the D.I.Y sort of person you could even go to the lengths of creating your own flags.


Stacked wooden crates

Whether you have an empty wall that just needs something adding to it, or are aiming to achieve an adorable rustic feel, then stacked wooden crates are the answer. By stacking wooden crate on top of each other both vertically and horizontally, you can achieve the most rustic look possible, it only needs to be a couple of crates stacked up, but by doing this you also create shelves, which give you the opportunity to add flowers or fair lights to bring the look together.


In a similar way to the wooden crates, the ladder idea is perfect for creating a rustic ambience, anything can be displayed on ladders whether it be photographs, initial letters, candles, you name it and it will most likely work well on the ladder. With the option of having an outdoor venue at Haybarn, you could even put blankets on the ladder for the guests if they begin to feel too cold.

Wedding signs

Whether it be the outdoor wedding venue or barn wedding at Haybarn arrow signs are more than perfect for both. Not only can they be used to help guests find their way around easily, they can also be used as a cute decoration. By adding both these and the tree fairy lights in the barn you will begin to achieve the feel of bringing the outside in.

Wedding sign


These are the simplest yet cutests way of welcoming people to your wedding, they can also be used as your seating chart or even or menu. A meaningful touch is to use the chalkboard as a leave a message, this means that guests are welcome to write their own messages on the board, whether it be a simple congratulations or a it’s not too late, chalkboards really are a simple way of adding a personal touch.

Vintage suitcase

If you and your partner are known to love travelling, an easy way to channel that is with vintage suitcases. Not only this by leaving some of the suitcases open it is the perfect way to collect any cards you may receive on your special day. Attaching your own travel cards on the handles continues to make this decoration personal to you, and are also perfect for all wedding venues at Haybarn.

vintage suitecase


One of the biggest worries with candles at a wedding is ensuring they are out of harm’s way. By displaying them in lanterns or even glass jars they can achieve both a sophisticated and homely feel and will also prevent them from being knocked over or the flame catching on anything. Once that is out of the way candles can be used literally anywhere at your venue, whether it be centrepieces, at the entrance, as a decoration piece the opportunities are pretty much endless.


Rustic bar

Having your own bar creates a focal point to your wedding and can contribute to achieving your desired rustic feel. At Haybarn our bar service is run by “the bar 65”, who continuously provide a beautiful rusting internal bar in the barn, as well as providing a fully stocked horse box for outside events. Karen and Julian furantee a high quality professional bar service like no other and not your usual wedding prices!

They will always go the extra mile to ensure that all your guests’ needs are met, by offering a wide range of drinks from cocktails, to gins, to wine tasting, they even offer decorations and flowers that can be tailored to your own theme.

How to Transform your Wedding Venue -Haybarn Wedding Venue

Flower wall

The instagram inspired flower wall is actually the perfect idea for a wedding, with endless decoration options of ombre coloured roses, to white roses, or a a rainbow of colours they really are adaptable to your theme. The flower wall provides the best backdrop for wedding photos and quickly adds such elegant beauty to your venue. They are perfect for filling a blank space.

flower wall


How can we help?

With a blank canvas, every aspect of your wedding can be customised to suit you with complete control over your choice of food, music, entertainment and more. In addition we also offer a range of accommodation options for your guests, from bell tents to glamping pods, allowing you to make the most of your time here at The Haybarn.

Our beautiful, rustic wedding venue will leave you and your guests with unforgettable memories for years to come, so contact us today to discuss availability for 2021.

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