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5 Top Tips to create the perfect wedding photo album

Wedding photo album

Your wedding day is something that you will never want to end, it would have consisted of months of handwork and planning to ensure that it is perfect in every way possible. The thought of it all being over in what feels like seconds is something that no one wants. If only there was a way to capture every special moment and relive the moments… that’s where your wedding photo album comes in!

But don’t worry; this is not one more thing to add to the list of things to stress about, in this simple 5 step guide we can help you create the perfect wedding photo album!


Step 1 – Good photos require a good Photographer

It really is that simple, during your day you do not want to be worrying if someone has managed to capture what just happened, by having a photographer, you know that all the pictures are being taken at the right time and in the right place.

One of our couples that wedded at the Haybarn, chose J. S Coates photography, for their beautiful summer wedding. Jonathan was able to capture the entire day right from the early morning preparations in our beautiful cottage, until the late night when everyone has relaxed and is having a great party.

This special couple chose the theme of their wedding to be a festival, one of the many options here at the Haybarn, this included tipis and street food – lawn games and a big fire pit were also part of the festive night creating a superb atmosphere.

Through the use of gorgeous backgrounds, it was no issue for Jonathan to capture images in the moment. Johnathan created many great images of our couple’s private ceremony under a 300-year-old ash tree by the brook and surrounding woods. Other shots seen in this gallery were taken on our country lane adjacent to the wedding field, and other images taken in our private drive & front gardens.

To see some of Jonathans work visit our Gallery

5 Top Tips to create the perfect wedding photo album-Haybarn Wedding Venue

Step 2 – Chose the photos that mean the most

Whether it be a picture of all your family and friends or a picture of grandad who fell asleep after the meal, make sure that the pictures you chose have a special meaning to you and not what would look better. These photos will help you relive this moment in years to come, so choosing the most special ones will help you truly cherish this day.

wedding photos

Step 3 – Tell your story

Although the day will be very busy and there will be so many pictures to choose from, by placing them in categorical order, you will be able to remember each and every moment exactly how, and when it happened. You could start the album off with the beginning of the day, with the bride and groom both getting ready with their closest friends and family there. Then work your way along.

wedding story

Step 4- The background means a lot

No matter what the photo is, the secret to the best pictures is to always have a good background. Here at Haybarn the grounds extend to over 10 acres long, and are bordered by a brook with mature trees including several centennial Oak & Ash trees, some even ageing over 300 years old.

Not only this Haybarn also has a dedicated wedding barn, a rustic timber barn adjacent to the wedding field with fantastic views with large panoramic bi-fold doors. All these areas will be perfect for pictures that will exquisitely capture just the perfect photo.

5 Top Tips to create the perfect wedding photo album-Haybarn Wedding Venue

Step 5- Remember every last detail

The main purpose of your wedding photo album is to capture moments of your special day, therefore it is important to choose images from the reception as well as the ceremony. The reception is where everyone including the bride and groom can relax, and begin to enjoy the start of their future together.

Seen as everything is customisable at Haybarn, not only do you get to add your personal touch, you can choose exactly how your reception is, whether it be festival themed, elegant, informal or rustic. The choice is yours. This means that there will be loads of photogenic moments with of course the perfect background to meet your theme.

wedding details

To see how your wedding photo album could look with photos taken at The Haybarn, take a look at our gallery page here.

We have also created a Pinterest board called the Perfect Wedding Photo Album for some inspiration! –

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