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Ways to make your wedding unique

Ways to make your wedding unique-Haybarn Wedding Venue

Making a wedding unique is what will make it special for you as a couple. Tailoring the themes of the day and the structure of events will


Incorporate Your Hobbies
If you both love touring local wineries, consider throwing a wine-themed wedding. This can be done by simply choosing a winery as your wedding venue, or you can incorporate wine in other ways. Personalize your reception with wine bottles serving as table numbers, giving out bottles of wine for the favors or even by adding grapes to your floral arrangements and bouquets. Wine is just one example; the more unique the hobby, the more memorable the wedding becomes.

Be Unconventional
Every wedding has the standard components of a ceremony, reception, meal, music, cake and dancing. While that structure has served couples for hundreds of years, it’s a bit stale. Pick a component and do something unconventional that makes both of you happy. If you don’t like cake, have a banana split bar. If you don’t want a DJ, hire a polka band.

Include Important Members of Your Family
If you adore your grandma or great aunt, find a way to include them in your wedding. I love the idea of older women as flower girls, especially if there aren’t little girls in your family. You can also include your pets or family members with entertaining talents. Who wouldn’t be amused by your cousin doing sleight-of-hand magic tricks during cocktail hour? Each family member you include helps make your wedding day a little more “you.”

It’s All About the Details
If you want your wedding to be unique, add things that make guests think of you and your fiancé. Jokes or fun facts about your relationship tucked into napkins, your favorite sports gear as props for a photo booth, or a taco truck for late-night snacks are just a few ideas to get you started.

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